In search of family members
Shabtay Levy, 27/04/2012 08:15
My name is Shabtay Levy and I am trying to establish a contact with any member of my family in Israel. I was born in Sofia 1939 to parents Leon and Tina Levy. We emigrated to Israel in 1949 and I lived in Israel until 1967. Then I relocated to Portland, Oregon, USA. My parents died years ago and I lost all contact with any of my cousins and other relatives My mother''s maiden name was Sidi, her family lived in Pleven and my father was born in Sofia. My father had 2 brothers Isaac (in USA) and Simo and 5 sisters: Regina, Matti, Lisa, Vita and Stella (in Argentina.) My mother had one brother - Izaak, and 3 sisters: Matilda, Sofie and Viza. If you know any of my relatives, or their children, I would appreciate hearing from you via email: Thank you very much. April 26, 2012 Portland, Oregon, USA

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